Dealing with depression is hard. You may have a variety of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to manage at any given time. Moreover, you’re likely struggling with low energy too, which just makes you want to hide from everything and everyone.

In fact, socializing with others can feel like the hardest thing in the world when you’re coping with depressive thoughts and a resulting poor self-image. It’s tough enough to drag yourself into one-on-one therapy to resolve your issues. Also attending group therapy may sound practically impossible.

Nevertheless, group work can be one of the most beneficial types of therapy for people dealing with depression. If you can overcome the urge to isolate completely, then a group can provide you with the support you need to get through depression.

Depression Lies and Says You’re Alone in the World

Depression tells us a lot of lies. Worse yet, it urges us to isolate ourselves, so the lies become our only friends. As a result, we start to believe many things that aren’t true. For example, we often feel lonely. In fact, we may begin to believe that nobody understands us or feels the way that we do.

Group therapy is the perfect antidote to the lie that you are alone. Certainly, it can help to have a supportive one-on-one therapist. However, your therapist doesn’t reveal a lot about themselves. You have no way of knowing just how much they really “get it.” In contrast, the other people in your support group are there to share their experiences. As you listen to what they’re going through, you may begin to understand on a deeper level that you are not alone.

A Group Helps You Get Through the Tough Times

Depression may occur for a variety of reasons, including no obvious reason at all. However, it’s often triggered or exacerbated by life transitions and changes. Those transitions, especially when they involve loss or upset in an important relationship, can really make us feel like we don’t have a support system.

Fortunately, your therapy group can act as your support system. Members provide a safe space where you can go and share your real, authentic thoughts. They offer new perspectives on what you’re going through. Moreover, participants will let you be you while also holding space for you to become stronger and more resilient than your present state of depression.

Group Therapy Allows You to Help Others

Research indicates that giving to others is helpful for healing people with depression. Depression thrives on the mind’s rumination. So, when you get out of your own head to assist other people, the rumination ceases (or at least quiets.) Furthermore, as you realize that you have something to offer to others, you remember that you have worth and value. This builds your self-esteem, improving your mood and wellbeing.

Group therapy offers the perfect opportunity for you to both give and receive support. When you need it, the group is there to help you through your struggles. In turn, you are also there for them when they need it. You might help them by offering advice, providing constructive feedback, or simply listening and being a witness to their story. When you first enter group work, you might feel like you have nothing to give. If you give yourself a chance, you might be surprised at just how much you have to offer.

Group Work Helps You Reconnect to Self and Others

In depression, you often feel disconnected. You’re self-judgmental, which makes it hard for you to connect to your inner truth. Furthermore, you don’t feel worthy and valuable, so connecting with others is a challenge. Group work allows you to practice the skills necessary to allow you to once again be fully present within yourself as well as with others. As you get honest feedback from the group, you will be able to see yourself more completely. In depression, the world feels gray. With the help of group support, you can learn to see life’s colors again.

If you have questions about whether or not group therapy is right for you, reach out today.