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How Mindfulness Meditation Combats Depression & Rumination

When we're depressed, our thinking patterns are often negative and cyclical. Our negative emotions fuel negative thoughts, then our negative thoughts reinforce more negative emotions. On and on it goes as we sink deeper, ruminating and feeling worse as time goes on. How can you escape the misery and find relief? Interrupt your ruminating mind with mindfulness meditation.

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Mindfulness: Trade Anxious Triggers for Daily Focus on the Here and Now

Anxiety is rooted in rumination or worry about the past or future. The way to stem your racing thoughts is to start expanding your mindfulness moments. Look around, engage your senses. There is likely plenty around to breathe in, focus on and enjoy. Let it distract you from your anxious or negative thoughts.

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How to Fix the Inaccurate Self-Perceptions that Fuel Your Social Anxiety

How often do you get caught in a web of your own self-critical thoughts after interacting with people? Can you go on like that for a long time, convinced that how you see yourself must be how others see you too? You’re not alone, many socially anxious people suffer the same cycle of harsh internal perception. The resulting unkind self-talk and self-defeating rumination then serve to keep anxiety high and make your reasons for avoiding interaction seem valid.

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