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The Impact of a Traumatic Event – How Your Mind, Body & Relationships are Affected

We all go through hard times. They are a normal and inevitable part of life. Such times help you better appreciate when things are going smoothly. Then there are traumatic events. These experiences are not only intense. They also dramatically impact you — both in the moment and for a time afterward.

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Why ACT is Effective Treatment for Depression

The word “depression” has become an umbrella term for the full gamut of depressive disorders — major depressive, bipolar, seasonal affective, and more. Such conditions have become increasingly common. As a result, there are many potential treatment options available. Choosing the treatment that is most effective for you requires some background information.

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Difficulty Coping with Social Anxiety? How to Help a Loved One

We all know and love that one person who never seems to say “yes” to our invitations. If they do join in, they are usually the quietest and the first to leave. To some, they appear aloof or perhaps anti-social. But we know better. We know that our friend or family member is doing their best to cope with a social anxiety disorder. They deserve our compassion and…they might be in need of our help!

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