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Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Part 1: Understanding Psychological Flexibility

For many if not most people, therapy is “therapy.” Consequently, an incredible range of therapeutic options and approaches get lumped into one broad category. In reality, these therapeutic tools are often vastly different and very much deserve individual exploration. For example, Acceptable and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a kindred spirit to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) but involves its own unique nuances and treatment focus.

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How to Deal with Post-Holiday Depression

The holiday season is a prime example of mixed emotions in action. We hit enjoyable highs — all while juggling a fair amount of stress, guilt, shame, and grief. Even in the best of years, there’s a low is often lurking. This would be, of course, the seemingly inevitable letdown. A new year — with its blend of promise and pressure — settles upon us. And with it often comes what some call “the post-holiday blues.”

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5 Ways Anxiety Affects Your Ability to Work

Our job can stress us out. This is hardly breaking news. However, when you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder, things can rise to an entirely new level. The usual work-related issues are still there, of course. Only now, you’re also dealing with another layer of stresses, worries, doubts, and concerns. Anxiety is no fun anywhere. On the job, it can be particularly uncomfortable.

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