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Discover what you need to find peace and happiness from within.

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I am a Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate from Walden University. I am experienced is treating clients individually and in groups and also train counseling students. I have enjoyed teaching and supervising Master’s level clinicians. My practice focuses on the areas of anxiety, depression, and addiction.

You Are Never Alone

Dr. Dan Sharir

No one should ever have to go through life alone. Whether you struggle with constant anxiety, suffer from mild depression, have OCD, or would like to learn better coping skills, you can find the advice, guidance, and help you need here at Wellness Mental Health Counseling.

It is a common misconception that seeking mental health counseling services means you have a problem. While you may have a hard time understanding what is going on, there is nothing wrong with you that can’t be discussed and treated. The mind is a powerful tool, and it is our goal to help you understand skills, techniques, and management tactics that will make your life easier and less stressful.

Finding the Help You Need

With more than 14 years working in the field of mental health, I understand that it’s not about just offering help when you need it; it’s about being there for you on an individual basis, catering your sessions to meet your unique needs. I believe that my knowledge and experience allows me to help you to control your life.

I have experience working with a variety of clients and never turn anyone away. Without seeking the help you truly need, life can seem unmanageable and, quite frankly, scary. With my help, you’ll discover what you need to find peace and happiness from within. If you have the desire to find help, contact me  today to schedule a consultation. My goal is to help you; give me a call today at 646-717-4860.


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Walden University
Ph.D. Health Sciences specializing in International health, TUI
M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, Touro College
M.S.H.S. in Health Care Management, TUI
M.A. in Judaic Studies, Touro College
B.A. in Economics (minor in psychology and pre medical sciences) Touro College      

Instructional experience

Associate professor Touro College 2007 – Present


Primary Certificate Practicum in REBT and Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the Albert Ellis Institute

Professional affiliations

American Mental Health Counselors Association
American Counseling Association
American Psychological Association


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