4 Tips for Coping with Anxiety Caused by Work

Anxiety can strike at any time. Roughy 30% of people will experience anxiety at some point in their life. Since we spend at least a third of our day doing work-related tasks, it’s even more likely that work can be a leading cause of anxiety.

Many people are still working from hybrid work environments. Productivity standards have changed, and oftentimes it’s with a tighter grasp. Customer service jobs aren’t getting any easier in this new world post-pandemic era. The source of anxiety may not be the same for everyone, but there are some tips and tricks that could help alleviate work induced anxiety.

Here are four to start with!

Practice Breathwork

There is an art to breathing that many people lose sight of in troubling times. When the body is in a survival mode, a state of crisis, or even that point in the gym when we are trying to get those last few reps done, we forget how to breathe properly.

Using different breathing techniques is almost a staple in coping with anxiety. Breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which gives us that wave of calm. Simply put, when you’re calm, you will have a better handle on whatever situation is causing anxiety to begin with.

If you are new to breathwork, there are many tutorials on the internet as well as phone app options that make it easy to follow. Test different ones out and see what works for you.

woman standing by window looking outTake a Step Away

Sometimes we all need to take a time out. It can be important to have grounding options for when tension and anxiety creep up. Different work environments allow for different things, but there is something that can be incorporated into the daily routine.

Go for a walk, especially when the weather is nice. A little boost of vitamin D never hurt anyone. Phone a friend for a quick chat to decompress. Take a quick meditation break. There are phone apps to assist in guided meditation as well! Stand up and do a few quick stretches just to refocus your brain.

All of these things can help bring your wandering mind back to the present and in a more controlled manner.

Stimulate Your Senses

This may sound funny, but triggering your senses may be enough to distract away from the anxious feelings you’re having.

Visual: Take a quick five-minute break to scroll on social media, read a chapter in a book, or a news article.

Auditory: Whether it’s your favorite artist, a go to song, or even just instrumental music in the background, music can go a long way in reducing anxiety and easing stress.

Smell: Essential oils have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. Certain scents, like lavender or peppermint, are very soothing to the nervous system. Find a scent that works for you and apply topically or diffuse in your space.

Set Boundaries

We all have our moments where we try to be superman/superwoman and conquer it all. Know your limitations and set healthy boundaries.

You may need to focus on one task at a time rather than juggle many. If a deadline is approaching, your duties may need to be prioritized differently.

If you are an over-worker, working towards a healthy work-life balance is going to be key. Are you someone who works through lunch? Try actually taking a real break to give your mind a chance to relax and regroup before continuing on with your day. Easier said than done, but important nonetheless. And try to leave on time too.

Are you still finding it difficult to cope with work stress? Contact me today to get started with anxiety treatment.