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Welcome to Dr Dan Sharir,
Clinical Psychologist

With more than 14 years working as a therapist, it is not just about seeing you when you need; it’s about being there for each one of my patients on an individual basis, catering your sessions to meet your needs. I believe that my extensive knowledge and experience will allow me to help you realize that mental illness and disorders do not have to control your life.
– Dr Dan Sharir

Dr. Dan Sharir

Dr. Dan Sharir

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Depression Treatment

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Addictions Treatment

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woman looking at camera in fear

A phobia is an irrational fear of an object, situation, or living creature. A phobia can be a fear of animals or insects, blood, or flying in an airplane. A person will try anything to avoid the perceived danger


Panic Attacks

woman's eyes looking afraid

A panic attack is a sudden intense fear reaction accompanied by heart pounding, sweating, and difficulty breathing. For several minutes you can feel like you are losing control and having a heart attack.


Social Anxiety Disorders

silhouette of a man

It is normal to feel nervous in some social situations, such as going on a first date. However, if you suffer from social anxiety disorder you can have an extreme fear of being in social situations



I’ve been seeing Dr. Dan Sharir for about a year now. I’m in my late 20’s and suffer from social anxiety/social phobia. Dr. Sharir is very easy to talk to and has helped me a lot in this past year…. He is very knowledgeable and has taught me how to view life in a way that is less fearful. I would recommend Dr.Sharir to anyone who is seeking help. -V.G.

Dan Sharir has helped me tremendously . I am 57 and still dealing with an eating disorder, depression, self hate, social phobia and have been in therapy since my 20’s and on antidepressants. I have …seen Dan for about 3 months and he has taught me DBT skills to teach me how to live in the present day, how to live a happier, freer life, how to feel comfortable with myself. He is always available, very easy to talk with, says it like it is but in a way that helps me want to change and shows me how. -R.S.

I was referred to Dr. Sharir by a friend after I wasn’t happy with with my therapist I had been going too. I was a little nervous, but after the first appointment he made me feel very comforting a…nd calm. My anxiety is the biggest issue and he gave me amazing advice. I highly recommend Dr. Sharir for his professional approach and his deep knowledge. Most importantly he is just a very nice and warm person. -A.G.

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